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The Trustees of the Sailors' Snug Harbor 

in the City of New York


SSH is an operating foundation dedicated to assisting retired mariners wherever they live, who need financial assistance and meet the eligibility criteria. More than 16,500 mariners have been assisted since its inception in the early nineteenth century.


If you are interested in learning more about SSH and its benefits, please contact us at:


The Trustees of the Sailors’ Snug Harbor

40 Exchange Place, Suite 1701

New York,NY 10005
Tel: 646-465-8585, Toll Free: 1-888-257-5456

Fax: 212-513-0243 

Eligible Mariners must meet the following criteria

  •    2555 days of deep sea time, at least five years on U.S. flagged ships or 14 years working on inland rivers

  •     65 years of age or older or on disability  (Some exceptions may be made)

  •   Proven need for financial assistance

  • An individual with $50,000 or more in assets will not be eligible (primary residence excluded)

  •    A three year look back period will be used

  •        All public benefits available to a mariner must be accessed, if eligible, before any subsidy from SSH is approved. For example, VA benefits, Medicaid, SNAP etc.). 

Because of the considerable interest from mariners to receive financial help, the review of the applications may take several months.  SSH's ability to assist is dependent upon mariner demand and available funds.  SSH will maintain files of fully completed applications and will contact the mariner when the opportunity arises. 


For a copy of our application, please click here



                                            The seal- 1806 motto- portum petimus fesse (wearily we seek a haven)